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A brand new brewery and water treatment for Brasserie Goudale

Brasserie La Goudale produces 1 million hectolitres of wastewater per year. They called on Pantarein to build a water treatment plant.

La Goudale is a beer that has been around since 1994. In 2017, Brasserie La Goudale built a brand new brewery, with a capacity of 1 million hectoliters per year. The wastewater goes through a two-stage anaerobic-aerobic water treatment. Due to the strict phosphorus requirements, the effluent from the clarifier is further treated by means of sand filtration.

Barely one year after start-up, the brewing capacity doubled and the water treatment had to be expanded accordingly. In addition to a doubling of the buffer volume and of the anaerobic reactor, a membrane filtration was added to the aerobics. This doubled the capacity without requiring additional basins. After biological desulphurization, the biogas is further purified to natural gas quality (removal of the CO2) and injected into the grid.