Clean water is vital, but also increasingly scarce. That passion unites everyone at Pantarein: 'Water at your service'.

This means more than just building water treatment plants. We see providing clean water as a crucial service to our customers, and it is precisely for this reason that we do all that is needed to achieve this. We consult, design, finance and build. And when the treatment plant is put into use, we continue to monitor it. We optimize and innovate each and every day, to ensure that our customers can guarantee water of the right quality and the highest possible efficiency in terms of energy and raw materials.

Even though water is our top priority, sustainability is so much more than just that. We want to ensure a safe and motivating working environment, give opportunities to young people, critically examine our own impact, and more besides. And we do this together, which is why we are a cooperative company.

Do you want to know how we put all of this into practice? You can read all about it in our sustainability report: 

Mapping our impact

The focus of our circular water solutions is always placed on efficiency. In terms of cost, energy and raw materials, we strive for the optimum result. But nothing is without impact, and water treatment always has a certain footprint, in the form of electricity consumption, chemicals, building materials, and thus, ultimately, greenhouse gases.

We believe it is important to minimize our impact and communicate about it transparently. To do so, we need to accurately map our footprint. For that purpose, we use Carbon+Alt+Delete’s CO2 accounting software. This gives us a detailed overview of our own consumption and emissions, as well as the impact of our supply chain and our customers’ treatment plants.

Currently, we are working hard on our first report. In doing so, we are laying the foundations to continue monitoring and reducing our footprint year after year. We keep you up to date on this via our LinkedIn-page.

Do you have questions about how we take sustainability to heart?