About Pantarein

Our mission

Clean water is our mission. We develop circular water solutions for industrial enterprises. By raising the bar in wastewater treatment, we contribute to a sustainable water system in which reuse and recycling are the most normal things in the world. 

Our values

  • Customer orientation. Our customers and their projects are our main priorities. The Pantarein "Water at your service" model allows us to take care of our customers in all stages of a project, even after completion. 
  • Innovation. In order to continuously improve our services and equipment, we are fully committed to innovation. We participate in research programs and closely monitor market developments. We pool our knowledge and experience with that of customers and research partners to enhance the innovation process. 
  • Shared passion. Our associates work hard every day to achieve their shared ambition: clean and sustainable water for industrial companies. We offer our people every opportunity to develop themselves and to improve their future career prospects. Every associate is an indispensable part of our well-oiled team. 
  • Sustainability. Sustainability is the common theme that runs through all our activities. We build water treatment plants, make them work effectively and collaborate with our customers to further improve our equipment. We create long-term relationships with our customers and achieve growth by doing things right. In this way, we secure a sustainable future for everyone we work with.   

4 pillars

Our business strategy rests on 4 pillars:

  • Water at your service
  • Circular water solutions
  • Ongoing innovation
  • Corporate social responsbility

We aim to offer our customers the best and most effective water treatment solutions and the best service, in a sustainable and socially responsible way. 

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Closing the water cycle

We develop integrated solutions to close the industrial water cycle. Next to purifying wastewater, we also optimize other aspects of water management: from intake and use in the production process to reuse and discharge. Our solutions lead to lower water consumption and less polluted wastewater: a benefit to our customers and to the environment. 

We close the water cycle in 5 steps:

  1. Wastewater treatment
  2. Water filtration to reach drinking water quality
  3. Offering high-quality process water
  4. Optimizing water management
  5. Water recycling and internal reuse

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Water at your service

We develop circular water solutions for industrial enterprises. Our customers can be confident that their wastewater is treated cost-effectively, and that they will have sufficient process and/or drinking water in the coming years. Our “Water at your service” approach encompasses 5 steps: 

  1. Auditing and consultancy
  2. Piloting and testing in our own lab
  3. Equipment creation
  4. Monitoring customer operations
  5. Ongoing innovation

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Sustainability consulting and communication

We are part of the Pantarein group. Get to know our sister company: sustainability consulting and communication agency Pantarein Publishing.

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