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This website uses cookies. We use technologies, such as cookies, to make your browsing experience easier and to analyze website traffic.

What types of cookies are there?

Essential cookies
Essential cookies are cookies that are necessary for a website to function. They allow basic functions such as page navigation, security and load time to work.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are cookies that track information about your choices and preferences on a website. For example, they remember your choice of language, login information or the region you live in.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies collect information about website visitor behavior and website performance. Based on the results, the website can be improved and visitors get a better user experience.

Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies track the browsing behavior of website visitors and compile a user profile on that basis. That profile is used to personalize the browsing experience and, for example, to display personalized offers, advertisements, newsletters and the like that match your interests.

What cookies do we use?

First party cookies

Pantarein primarily uses first party cookies or direct cookies that serve to improve your user experience on That is, they only collect information on our website itself. They control the technical part of the website and remember certain things about the visitor, such as language choice, page visited and time spent on the website.

Specific Overview:

PHPSESSID (session cookie)

  • Type: essential cookie
  • Lifetime: session
  • Purpose: This cookie allows communication between web server and browser and temporarily stores information from your session. For example, it ensures that you do not have to fill out a form all over again when you reload the page or make an error.


  • Type: essential cookie
  • Lifetime: 1 year
  • Purpose: tracking language


  • Type: essential cookie
  • Lifetime: 1 year
  • Purpose: tracking cookie preferences

Third party cookies

In addition, there are third-party vendors with different domain names that set cookies through Pantarein's website. Examples include Google, YouTube and Vimeo. They track users' browsing behavior and create a user profile based on that data. 

Overview of third party cookies on our website:

How can you disable cookies?

You can also disable cookies, delete them or adjust the settings for cookies, although in that case our website will no longer be able to work optimally. Do you want to adjust the cookie settings anyway? Then you can find instructions for different browsers here:

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Pantarein has the right to change this cookie policy. This cookie policy was last modified on June 13, 2024.