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Aerobic treatment

If wastewater is relatively diluted, quite cold, and/or contains a lot of nitrogen or phosphorus, aerobic biological treatment is often the ideal technology. Aerobic treatment is also used for post-treatment of an anaerobic effluent.

Pantarein Water has extensive experience with various types of aerobic treatment, such as sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), traditional treatment with a clarifier, and membrane bioreactors (MBRs).

Based on the composition of the water, the available space and the quality requirements, we devise an ideal configuration, in each case respecting the following principles:

Aerobic grains

Pantarein Water has developed a customized feeding cycle. This results in a very dense sludge structure, which means we can work at a high sludge concentration. This, in turn, ensures a very compact treatment.

Low energy consumption

A fine bubble aerator combined with a frequency-controlled screw or turbo blowers and a smart oxygen control system guarantees minimal energy consumption. As it is possible to lift the bubble aerator, inspections and maintenance can take place more easily.

Extensive automation

We design our treatment plants in such a way as to facilitate remote monitoring. This ensures a high degree of automation, including smart monitoring and a dashboard for fast problem detection.

Built to remove nutrients

Pantarein Water has acquired exhaustive knowledge of comprehensive nitrogen removal through the treatment of leachate from landfills and wastewater from carcass destructor plants, among other methods. 

We offer the following services: 

  • proper alternation of mixing and aeration 
  • development of donut configurations
  • online monitoring
  • maximizing (and monitoring) nitrification rates

Tailored to your company

Every company requires its own solution. We set you up with the technology you need.