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Membrane bioreactor

A membrane bioreactor (MBR) is an aerobic treatment that uses membranes to separate the sludge from the water.

There are plenty of reasons to choose MBR technology: to double the capacity of existing treatment plants, to use less space, to achieve superior effluent quality, or when the treated water needs further post-treatment (with the aim of reuse or removal of non-degradable compounds).

Pantarein Water has extensive experience with MBR. We collaborate with Blue Foot Membranes for most applications. Their innovative IPC membranes offer several advantages over other membrane types or technologies:

  • Backwashing: The IPC membranes reduce fouling and ensure stable process operations. Backwashing can be performed at pressures of up to 2 bar.
  • Both ‘standard’ and ‘intense’ chemical cleaning of the membranes can be performed in situ and are fully automated. 
  • The net flux of the IPC membranes is more than double the flux of other immersed membranes.
  • Because the IPC modules can be installed in towers, a very compact MBR design is possible: the IPC membrane is the only membrane that allows an MBR unit with a net capacity of 40 m³/h to be installed as a mobile unit. 
  • The IPC technology has very low energy consumption.
  • Unlike some other membranes, the IPC membrane is made of PVDF, giving it a very high chemical stability and thus a longer service life. 
  • The IPC membrane has a very dense structure: perfect if you are considering water reuse.

Pantarein Water strives to always have mobile units at your disposal to quickly execute projects to expand the capacity of an existing treatment plant, offer temporary solutions, or perform on-site testing of the technology.

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