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Anaerobic treatment

During the anaerobic treatment of water, micro-organisms convert organic compounds into biogas, which we valorize as a source of energy to produce steam, electricity and/or hot water.

This technology offers many advantages over aerobic techniques. Because aeration is not required, there is up to three times less energy consumption. Because less sludge is produced, there is less residual product. Finally, the process provides a renewable energy source: biogas.

One disadvantage, however, is that the process does not remove nutrients, nor all organic compounds. Because of this, aerobic post-treatment is often required. Furthermore, the technology is more sensitive than aerobic technology, requiring that extra attention be paid to the water composition. Lastly, the water temperature is preferably higher than 25°C.

Pantarein Water has built up extensive experience in the anaerobic treatment of wastewater. We apply the following principles.

Upflow reactors

In an upflow reactor, multiple consecutive three-phase separators (solid, fluid & gas) guarantee an optimal separation between sludge, water and biogas. Thanks to finely tuned pre-acidification, circulation and upflow rates, the reactor creates a large mass of granular sludge, allowing for optimal biogas production.

Combination with aerobic treatment

Smart monitoring during the aerobic post-treatment ensures an automated and optimal adjustment of the bypass. Through this, we minimize biogas losses while achieving optimal effluent quality.

Extensive control

We conduct online checks of the reactor load through the smart monitoring of flows, pressure, biogas and pH. As a result, we are able to combine efficient daily monitoring with minimal operational costs (chemicals) and a perfect effluent quality.

Biogas scrubber

In order to valorize biogas, the removal of sulphides is often required. Unlike a chemical scrubber, which uses large quantities of lye, a biological scrubber is based on the absorption and oxidation capacity of the activated sludge from the biological post-treatment.

Biogas valorization

In consultation with the customer, we determine the most opportune application of biogas: injection into the natural gas grid, or for the production of hot water, steam or electricity.

Tailored to your company

Every company requires its own solution. We set you up with the technology you need.