SME e-wallet

Small and medium-sized Flemish enterprises that call on Pantarein Water for advice, receive financial aid from the Flemish Government.

The Flemish government has launched a subsidy scheme to support small and medium-sized Flemish enterprises (SMEs) in doing business, innovation and internationalization. SMEs that enlist an approved service provider qualify for the subsidy. Pantarein Water is such an approved service provider, including strategic advice on environmental and energy products projects.


Your SME faces significant challenges in terms of the environment and energy. We are here to help you with concrete solutions for today and for the years ahead. For example, we can advise you on the reuse of water, the use of rainwater or modifications to your production process that will benefit not only your company but also the environment.

You can apply for aid of 50% from the SME e-wallet and are entitled to an aid ceiling of €2,500 per calendar year for advice provided by Pantarein Water.

Strategic advice

Environmental and energy issues are increasingly impacting on strategic choices facing your enterprise. Together with you, we will make things work: our strategic advice will help you to address tricky issues in your SME. 

Among other things, we offer a long-term solution for the entire organization. We will rigorously examine your enterprise’s production process, for example, and provide recommendations for recovering residual heat and for reusing water. We also conduct energy scans. Based on the outcome, we will give you targeted advice that produces tangible energy savings within your enterprise.

You can apply for aid from the SME e-wallet for 50% of the total cost and are entitled to an aid ceiling of €25,000 per calendar year for advice provided by Pantarein Water.

Want to learn more about the SME e-wallet? Visit the website of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

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