A total circular approach

We realize circular water solutions for industry. Our solutions offer you certainty that your wastewater will be treated cost-effectively while ensuring sufficient water remains available in the long term. On the pretext of “Water at your service”, we offer a total approach in 5 steps.

1. Audits & process optimization

We use an audit to map out all the water flows and processes and examine the composition of your water. We then use a feasibility study to find out which solutions or technologies best fit your business process. If you have an existing water treatment plant, we will take a critical look at it and conduct an optimization study. Sometimes, just a small adjustment is enough to perfect the water treatment. In some projects, we set up a pilot installation to test if a technology is the right solution for our customer. 

2. Design, build & start-up

The construction of an installation starts in our workshop where we manufacture our own critical components, such as a membrane filtration unit. Our team of technicians and welders works closely with our designers and engineers from start to finish. The start-up of the installation is done under the close supervision of our experts. They are responsible for taking samples and accurate adjustment of the installation. During our hands-on training, we teach you everything you need to know about the operation and follow-up of the installation.

3. Follow-up

Our team of operators closely monitors the water treatment plant. We are driven to achieve optimal operation and pure water at the lowest possible cost. 

Our operator regularly visits the installation to take samples and carry out technical checks on the installation (on site check). In addition, we remotely monitor (via remote control) each water treatment plant in real time using a dashboard. Our control room keeps an aerial view on all the installations we operate so we can (automatically) adjust and optimize them where necessary. Deviations or malfunctions are detected immediately. If a problem occurs, an operator or technician will be on site as soon as possible. We send you a monthly summary report with the main results of the sampling and checks, as well as proposals for process improvement.

4. Innovation

As soon as the installation is in operation, we not only continue to monitor it, we systematically look at it together with you to see what we can do to improve it. To keep our expertise sharp, and to drive innovation in the water sector, we participate in various Flemish research projects. In 2019, we started our own innovation department.

5. Design-build-finance-operate

To fully unburden you, we offer you a financial formula that perfectly matches the “Water at your service” approach: design-build-finance-operate (DBFO). We build the installation, operate it and take care of the financing. You enter into an operating contract for a period of 10 years, and pay for the performance of the installation. This co-operation offers the best guarantee of a sustainable result. 

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