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More and more companies want to reduce their water footprint: because less water of the right quality is available, because water is becoming increasingly expensive, because consumption is being restricted by governments, or because it forms part of a sustainable corporate strategy.

Pantarein Water has been involved in developing successful projects to reuse treated water for more than a decade. Our role involves conducting pilot tests, negotiating with authorities about residue discharges, informing authorities about the quality of the treated water (and safeguarding it), consulting with the production quality manager, and more. We have implemented projects in countries such as Belgium, Denmark and Luxembourg, in partnership with organizations such as Carlsberg, Milcobel and Kellanova.

In most cases, extensive reuse is only possible by further treating the purified water to achieve potable water quality. This predominantly requires the removal of non-degradable compounds and salts. To that effect, we use reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration.

Depending on the circumstances, Pantarein Water developed projects with continuous systems (the traditional RO) or with the CCRO technology developed by DuPont. The latter offers the advantage of increased yields for certain types of water, with the use of chemicals simultaneously being reduced.

The projects are characterized by:

  • extensive automation through smart deployment of online monitoring and automated ‘cleaning in place’ (CIP)
  • easy online quality monitoring of the produced water
  • monitoring of the RO plant with sophisticated ultrafiltration (often implemented in the configuration of a membrane bioreactor)

At Pantarein Water, we combine water reuse with extensive experience in water treatment: a huge asset for your enterprise! Furthermore, we have several mobile units available for rent or on-site piloting.

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