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Up to 65% lower fees for Boortmalt Salzgitter after treatment

Boortmalt Salzgitter is part of the largest malting group in the world. After a successful collaboration with Pantarein Water in Antwerp, it started a new project in Salzgitter.

After purification, Boortmalt discharges the waste water from the malthouse in Salzgitter into the sewerage system and then into the surface water via a WWTP. The company gives its effluent an after-treatment with reverse osmosis to recover it as process water. This way Boortmalt saves on the intake of tap water and pays up to 65% lower fees to discharge the water.

To optimize the operation of the membrane filtration, the existing treatment was converted into a membrane filtration. Pantarein Water installed two mobile rental units in 2018, which it continues to monitor.

Used technologies