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No worries at Boortmalt maltery

The largest malting plant in the world can be found in Antwerp. We are in charge of the waste water treatment.

Boortmalt is the largest malting group in the world. The market for beer and by extension malt is growing and Boortmalt is not lagging behind. Since 2017, it also has the largest malting plant in the world in Antwerp, with a capacity of 470,000 tons. To treat the waste water, Boortmalt brought Pantarein Water on board.

The waste water is collected in dump tanks and then discontinuously fed to a low-load aerobic treatment with biological phosphorus removal. The high biodegradability and consequently the risk of thread formers are specific to the waste water from a malting plant. A sophisticated feeding and aeration strategy ensures a grain structure with excellent settling and filtration properties. The sludge is removed by Alfa Laval micro-membrane filtration. Since 2018, Pantarein Water has been co-operator of the water treatment plant to completely unburden Boortmalt.

Used technologies