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Process water and central water production

If you are able to reuse treated water, this will have a huge impact on your company’s water management, not least on the way the existing treatment of process water is undertaken. After all, the new ‘water source’ has a lower hardness, is free of solids and recalcitrant compounds, and contains no iron or manganese. For most applications, this water can be used immediately without much additional treatment.

Not all water can be reused, for example because a portion goes into the product or evaporates, or becomes a remnant during reverse osmosis water treatment. Consequently, a company will always remain partly dependent on traditional water sources (for example, groundwater, surface water or drinking water).

In developing site-encompassing projects, Pantarein Water makes clear choices. We specialize in optimizing the operation of existing process water technologies, often in terms of automation and water consumption. We aim to maximize the integration of process water and wastewater treatment together with water reuse, giving you the water plant of the future.

Tailored to your company

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