Pilot testing

To convince you of our technologies, or if you prefer to not build a full-scale project immediately, it may be useful for you to implement a test phase.

Pantarein Water possesses its own laboratory facilities for testing the anaerobic and aerobic treatment of wastewater. When treating representative samples of your wastewater, we closely monitor several parameters, including treatment yields, reaction rates, biogas production and sludge characteristics. Through this, we gather a wealth of information to decide on a reliable and competitive design.

To test membrane filtration techniques, we prefer to work on a (semi-)industrial scale, allowing us to better test, for example, the filterability of sludge, or to investigate the reuse of water. These industrial pilot installations allow the generated water to be used in production, creating a broader support basis for the tests. These tests take place at the customer’s premises, and typically last three to six months. In some cases, the pilot installation can be taken over by the client.

Our installations are highly automated. Thus, you can monitor them remotely.