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The water treatment of the Debrabandere Brewery produces biogas

Brewery Debrabandere has been brewing a diverse range of beers since the end of the 19th century. They have been a fixture among Belgian beer connoisseurs for quite some time. But Debrabandere does not only have a rich history. It also looks to the future, together with Pantarein Water.

Initially, the Debrabandere Brewery discharged its wastewater into the sewage system, after which Aquafin intervened for further processing. This meant a significant cost to the brewery, making it cheaper in the long run to invest in a water treatment system. Thanks to this system, the brewery reduces costs and can produce biogas in order to generate steam.

By using membrane filtration as the final step in the treatment process, exceptional effluent quality is guaranteed and the brewery is also ready for the next step: water reuse.

Used technologies