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Darling Ingredients expands existing treatment plants

Darling Ingredients, a global player in the production of sustainable ingredients for food products, partners with Pantarein Water to process its waste water.

Darling Ingredients is one of the multinationals in Pantarein Water's customer base. The organization produces sustainable ingredients for food products. Darling Ingredients tries to make the food chain greener with maximum respect for nature and people. This not only means sustainable products, but also a sustainable process with, among other things, green energy and better waste processing. For water treatment, Darling Ingredients called in the help of Pantarein Water.

Darling Ingredients partners with Pantarein Water to process the waste water at three different sites: Rendac, Jagel and Sonac Mering. We are expanding the existing treatment plants there using MBR technology: to increase the capacity of the water treatment plant, to replace the existing clarifier or to improve the quality of the effluent.

Thanks to this expansion of its water treatment, Darling Ingredients is taking a new step towards a more sustainable production process, with Pantarein Water in the role of expert and executor.

Used technologies