Coca-Cola opts for water treatment that blends in

Since 2007, we have been taking care of the maintenance of Coca-Cola’s treatment plant in Anderlecht.

A large part of the new drinks that Coca-Cola sells around the world are invented in Belgium. In Anderlecht, the soft drink giant has an innovation centre that became the beating heart of Coca-Cola's drive for better products. Researchers are constantly devising and testing new drinks and improving existing recipes.

The industrial waste water from the innovation centre and the sanitary waste water from the offices are treated together in an aerobic biological treatment with nitrogen and phosphorus removal. The treatment system is completely covered and integrated into a hill to reduce the visual impact on the environment to zero. The treated effluent is further processed with a sand filter and disinfected to ultimately serve as irrigation. The treatment plant was built in 2007 and has been followed up by Pantarein Water ever since.

Used technologies