Volys reduces operational costs and prepares for next steps

Pantarein Water helped food company Volys achieve a 60% cost reduction by building a pre-treatment system.

Volys is a Belgian producer of ready-made meals based on chicken and turkey. Since its foundation in 1946, Volys has been supplying culinary meals to a wide market, from Belgium and the Netherlands to the UK and the Middle East. 

Volys discharges its wastewater into the sewage system for further processing by Aquafin. In order to reduce costs and better meet standards, a pre-treatment system was built in 2017, consisting of fine sieves, a physico-chemical treatment (DAF) and a sludge dewatering system. As a result, operating costs fell by 60% and the company is ready for possible follow-up steps such as biological treatment and reuse of water.