What are the advantages of aerobic technology compared with an anaerobic water treatment plant? An aerobic plant is more robust: it recovers easily from an overload or toxicity. And the start-up time is just a few days compared with several weeks for an anaerobic plant. If your wastewater does not have an excessive organic load, you will make the right choice by taking an aerobic water treatment plant.

With the expertise of Pantarein Water, you will be in good shape for the installation of an aerobic/anaerobic water treatment plant. Depending on your needs, we will opt for a classic aerobic plant, a sequencing batch reactor (SBR), a conventional active sludge system (CAS) or a membrane bioreactor (MBR). Moreover, we will ensure easily settleable sludge that processes all the wastewater. Our unique feeding cycle will make this happen. You can stop worrying about discharge standards.

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